The Kolk lab
Developmental Neurobiology

PhD Candidate in Developmental Neurobiology:

The focus of our lab is to improve our understanding of biological mechanisms underpinning psychiatric and cognitive aspects in rare genetic syndromes, such as the Witteveen-Kolk syndrome, to be able to design tailored intervention strategies targeted at the severe behavior and psychiatric problems that are frequently encountered. Using state-of-the-art functional assays such as iPSCs, brain organoids, assembloids and in utero-electroporation, we are investigating the role of neurodevelopmental disorder-causing genes in corticogenesis.

As a PhD candidate you will work on the assessment of gene expression changes in specific cell populations and cell biological characterization and analyzes of the organoids, including 2D cryosection immunofluorescence microscopy, deconvolution and morphometrics. You will further have the opportunity to use a broad spectrum of methods and techniques including mouse genetics, functional and behavioral assays, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence microscopy (wide-field, confocal and light sheet), cell and molecular biology and biochemistry. Lastly, you will be expected to supervise Master's students.

Application Deadline: 30th September 2023